Concessionary Travel

Deliver a truly joined-up concessionary travel scheme with a smart card-based ITSO solution. Our
enterprise-grade systems are fully interoperable and are the leading choice in UK concessionary travel. We support you with fully managed services and our expertise is born of long experience in the field.

We really understand concessionary travel. We have a strong track record in designing, building and operating complex smart ticketing schemes. This means we can focus on fulfilling your objectives when it comes to providing smart concessionary travel for train, bus and more. Your solution will be driven by our HOPS, which is unique in achieving full ITSO certification at every stage of the ITSO standard. The ACT HOPS powers more concessionary smart ticketing schemes in the UK than any other.

An illustration showing the features of the ACT concessionary smart ticketing solution

What do you need?

  • A smart card based concessionary travel scheme.
  • An ITSO-compatible solution that works across bus, train and other modes of transport.
  • The option to add citizen services to the card.
  • A more efficient and cost-effective solution.

What are the benefits for your customers?

Your customers will have a simple, easy-to-use concessionary travel pass which works across the country. They can apply for their cards in different ways, and lost cards can be blocked and replaced quickly and easily. Cards can be managed by customers online using our online portals. Many customers can enjoy a more ‘joined up’ travel experience by using travel vouchers to get a taxi to the bus stop, for example. You can also extend the pass to offer more citizen services such as libraries, leisure facilities or school meals.

What are the benefits for you?

Your ITSO-compliant solution will bring you up to date with the latest Department for Transport requirements. It will also help you to meet your other legal obligations such as data protection and management. Everything in your solution is designed and built around our ITSO-certified products so it is fully interoperable with all other ITSO systems.

You’ll ease the burden and expense of allocating in-house resource because we manage the services for you – it’s what we’re here for. You’ll stay in control of your own scheme using tools to analyse customer journeys to improve your service planning. The central management of cards and information means you can reduce fraud, increase data protection and introduce a far more efficient, paperless system (or less paper at least!).

How do we deliver the solution?



Why ACT?

Our ITSO-certified product and services portfolio brings our transit and public authority clients quick, affordable and feature-rich concessionary travel schemes.

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