Software Integration

Robust yet flexible

Our products are the heart of our solutions and we’ve worked hard to make sure that they are flexible and robust enough to work with many other systems. You may not be able to choose your legacy systems but whatever they are we’ll know where to make a start.

Enterprise strength

Our customers have always demanded the best from us and since 1998 we’ve standardised on using Oracle databases and used rigorous product roadmaps to ensure that the quality and stability of our products is excellent. Customers’ requirements are held in high regard and actively shape the product roadmaps, meaning that you are an integral part of the journey.

Open standards

To achieve flexibility in our systems we’ve chosen to adopt open standards and interfaces and to use the internet to deliver our product interfaces. Integration with external systems such as financial systems and web portals is usually done using standard network protocols. Factors we may consider in systems integration are the frequency of communications, location of systems, volume of data and security.

Technical Expertise

Our engineers are experts in writing high performance, scalable enterprise Java systems, embedded payment terminal applications in C/C++, or low level microcode for embedded processors and smart cards. At the core of this work are creativity, quality and elegance of the software engineering solution.

In the Real World

  • We developed the UK’s first smart card based loyalty system in 1998.
  • We worked on the first mobile phone location-based service (Zingo) in 2003.
  • We proposed the ITSO POST-HOPS and HOPS-HOPS communications protocols which are now ratified in the ITSO specification.
  • We developed the first ITSO HOPS to be deployed in the UK (for Cheshire County Council).
  • We developed and deployed the first implementation of the RSP (Rail Settlement Plan) Fulfilment Server interface allowing rail tickets purchased on a web ticket issuance system to be delivered as an ITSO product.

Solutions Using Software Integration

Why ACT?

ACT integration services can strengthen the external connections that drive your business. Our in-depth industry and application knowledge, strong governance and test model and innovations in integration services means we help our customers reduce risk and improve returns on IT investments.

Case Studies