Always helping you

You need to know you can pick up the phone and we will help you. You also need to know that we’ll spot any problems – or potential disruptions – and fix them, before they impact you.

Single contact point

As your single point of contact ServiceDesk is our control centre for any aspect of your service delivery including service monitoring, network alarms and managing disruptions in availability or quality.

ITIL aligned

We work within an operational framework that promotes effective ownership and communication of requests and incidents to keep you on track. ServiceDesk has been developed using the best-practice framework of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the recognised standard for worldwide excellence in operational support.

Extended hours

You can access the ServiceDesk through the online portal, by email or by telephone. And because we appreciate business never stands still, we offer extended hours and weekend support.

Clear ownership

There is nothing more infuriating than getting passed around or forgotten about. That’s why we assign each call to a single owner at ACT, who is in control and accountable to their promises.

Review and improve

Not only do we invest in training, we continually gather feedback, review and improve our operating procedures.

Technical Notes

  • Our automated ServiceDesk capability ensures a smooth, joined up workflow so calls don’t get lost between systems.
  • We take a symptom-led approach to diagnosing problems, rather than relying on self-diagnosis, helping us quickly fix any incidents.
  • Our KPIs are based on customer management information e.g. call capture and response time, call closure against SLA and customer satisfaction score.

Getting help


This is the fastest way to get a call into our system. Using the online portal means that you've already supplied the key information we need to route the call. You can use the portal 24/7.
ACT Service Desk


You can email us your query and we'll process it manually as soon as we can. We respond to emails during your agreed ServiceDesk hours.


You may just have a quick question. You can call us during your agreed ServiceDesk hours to speak to one of our team directly.
01249 751 242

Why ACT?

Wherever you are, our support technicians are here to help. We understand the role your IT systems play in meeting your business needs, and we are dedicated to your success. Each and every support call has an internal owner so you won’t get forgotten about.

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