Remote POST Service

The ACT Remote POST Service (RPS) allows partners to retail ITSO tickets without the need for local ITSO security modules (ISAMs) and compliant ITSO POST software. Channel partners integrate with RPS APIs using provided software libraries.  ITSO tickets can then be retailed and fulfilled onto ITSO smart media directly for example at a store EPOS or self-service kiosk. 

RPS enables ITSO retail without the need for costly installation and management of ITSO security modules (ISAMs). This is of huge benefit and cost saving where a large number of retail devices are deployed.

RPS is highly scalable and deployed with partners with nationwide presence.

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  • Enables indirect fulfilment (action-listing) and direct fulfilment of any ITSO product. 
  • Fast online transaction to load ticket onto card. 
  • Product and ITSO shell hot-listing and blocking with no limit on list size. 
  • Highly scalable and resilient solution.
  • ISAM estate housed in UK data centre environment. 
  • ISAM estate managed by ACT.
  • Architecture allows for zero-downtime upgrades and maintenance. 

Technical Notes

  • Supported by UK Technical Support Teams operating 24×7. 
  • Fully isolated pre-production test environment. 
  • Integration options include direct access to REST APIs or use of a client library available in Java, C++, .Net languages.

Cloud Partners

Why ACT?

The Remote POST Service allows you to serve your customers 24/7 with zero-downtime upgrades and maintenance. 

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