Reimbursement automates and delivers a fast and reliable settlement solution with minimal administrative overheads. Full workflow and audit trails are provided throughout. Additionally, it enables the comparison of data across periods to identify any unexpected variations – ensuring anomalies are easily identified for investigation. 

Actora Reimbursement enables Local Authorities to manage the concessionary reimbursement process quickly and easily, using their smart journey data. It also automates fare apportionment for multi-operator schemes. 

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  • Provides an audit trail of actions and adjustments. 
  • Configurable approval processes to support workflow.
  • Role based access control. 
  • Enables calculation of reimbursements based on defined rules.
  • Identifies unexpected variations in journey data.
  • Provides better financial control and auditing.
  • Automatic import of reference data from the traffic commissioner.
  • Facilitate funds transfer to transport operators.  

Technical Notes

  • Managed on the Actora platform. 
  • Incremental, zero-downtime upgrades.
  • Links to ACT’s Analytics data mining tool to gain deeper insight.

    Why ACT?

    Actora Reimbursement is delivered on the Actora platform – a powerful, scalable and resilient cloud-hosted platform. 

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