Customer Management System

The ACT CMS (Customer Management System) provides a secure, configurable, GDPR compliant system to allow you to manage your customers, applications, cards, transactions and many more features.  The CMS can be tailored for commercial schemes, concessionary schemes or a mixture of the two. 

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  • Creates and manages customer accounts and records.
  • Fully integrated with ACT’s customer ticketing portal.
  • Provides audits of customer account history.
  • Issues and manages smart cards.
  • Shows customer travel and payment transactions.
  • Blocks cards and tickets through hot-listing.
  • Updates smart cards and tickets through action-listing.
  • Provides reports on customer and card data.
  • Manages customer enquiries through a call centre module.
  • Issues tickets remotely and tracks online purchases through a web retail ticket module.
  • Manages smart card issue and reissuing through the CMS online web portal service.
  • Ensures data is accurately cleansed and in a suitable format.

Technical Notes

  • Accessed through an online back office.
  • Protects smart ticketing data using industry standard encryption.
  • Data stored in UK data centres.
  • Integrates fully with the ACT HOPS.
  • Integrates with other third-party systems using a wide range of interfaces.
  • Supports ITSO cards and transactions.
  • Supports in-house or bureau card issuance.

Solutions using CMS

Why ACT?

Configured to your business needs and processes, the CMS is a fundamental component of any smart ticketing solution. 

ACT customer self-service portals are a natural extension of the CMS, providing your customers the ability to manage their accounts. Compliant with PCI/DSS requirements, the portals provide a safe secure method for you to sell your cards and products. 

Customer self-service portals

Customer portals extend the CMS functionality to allow your customers the ability to self-service, manage their details, their smart cards, purchase tickets and view their journey history.  All portals can be branded and integrated with your own website as a secure microsite. Responsive design techniques are used to support desktop, tablet and mobile form factors. 


  • Supports national concessionary travel pass applications, replacements and renewals.  
  • Account registration and self-service management of accounts. 
  • Replacement card requests and ticket purchase and product top-ups.
  • Compliant with PCI/DSS requirements for card payment. 
  • Integrated with ACT smart-ticketing product suite. 
  • Registration of third-party scheme cards allowing product to be purchased and fulfilled onto non-scheme cards.