Account Based Ticketing

Actora ABT puts an end to the frustrating process passengers often face when calculating the most cost-effective ticket for their planned journeys, over the day or week.  With ABT, passengers just need to ‘tap on’ and ‘tap off’ using their secure token such as a mobile phone or contactless bank card. 

With no need to buy a ticket in advance to secure the best fare, passengers benefit from the convenience to board services quickly and easily, safe in the knowledge they will be charged the best value fare for their travel.  

Please view our new ABT white paper to help you navigate your journey to ABT success.

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  • The ideal stepping stone to MaaS.
  • Eliminates the hassle of pre-purchasing a ticket ahead of travel.
  • Based on aggregated journeys over the day and week, the ‘best value fare’ is calculated in the back office. Customers are charged using their registered payment card.
  • Aggregation business rules can be customised. 
  • Gives passengers the choice to pay for and validate their travel with a smart card, contactless EMV card or an NFC device. 
  • Self-service change management for scheme operators. 
  • Provides an ABT for ITSO ticketing option.

Technical Notes

  • Managed on the Actora platform. 
  • Incremental zero-downtime upgrades.
  • Open technologies and APIs ensure future proof ticketing operations. 
  • With business logic held in our Actora cloud platform, gates, validators and ETMs can be integrated quickly and more cost effectively, with no need to distribute complex functionality to devices across the network.

    Account Based Ticketing to MaaS

Why ACT?

Actora ABT is delivered on Actora – a powerful, scalable and resilient cloud-hosted platform.