Actora Reimbursement

Actora reimbursement by ACTACT, a Fujitsu company, has launched an automated reimbursement service to enable transport authorities to calculate the reimbursement owed to operators quickly and easily, based on smart travel records.

In the UK, over 12 million people receive free travel on public transport under government-funded Concessionary Travel Schemes. Eligible older and disabled citizens are issued with smart cards to access free transport and transport operators are reimbursed by the relevant transport authority for every eligible journey undertaken.

Currently, many transport authorities rely on transport operators to provide them with the figures for eligible journeys taken on its services. The transport authority then calculates the appropriate reimbursement owed based on agreed rates for eligible journeys. It’s a time-consuming manual process.

Actora Reimbursement streamlines this process through automated reimbursement calculation, providing better financial control. Payments to transport operators are managed using journey data from ACT’s *ITSO-certified HOPS.

Actora Reimbursement delivers fast and reliable reimbursement with minimal administrative overheads, which reduces the risks of journey data being omitted or duplicated. By reducing the administration involved, different rates can be easily applied for different operators or routes. This enables fairer rates to be applied, which helps to achieve the Department for Transport’s aim that operators should be ‘no better and no worse off’ from delivering concessionary journeys.

Additionally, journey data across different periods can be compared to identify any unexpected variations – ensuring any anomalies are promptly investigated.

Gary Watts, CEO, ACT advised: “Actora Reimbursement is a solution to time-consuming manual calculations and the inherent risks of inaccuracies caused by manual calculations. The result is a faster, more accurate payment of concessionary journey reimbursements and fairer payments to operators.”

Crucially, Actora Reimbursement puts transport authorities in full control of payments to transport operators, with two-stage authorisation and a full audit trail throughout the system. The flexibility to use different reimbursement calculation methods, for different operators or routes, enables fairer reimbursement with no additional administration.

Greater insight with ACT Analytics

The solution is linked with ACT Analytics, a data mining tool, which enables in-depth analysis of the journey data used to calculate reimbursement payments.

ACT Analytics enables transport authorities to check that only valid journeys are included in the calculations and that normal fare prices, used by some transport authorities as the basis for reimbursement, are consistent with the rates agreed. It can also be used to assess how effectively operators are utilising the hotlisting functionality of ITSO smart cards to prevent unauthorised card usage.

*ITSO is the smart ticketing specification for national, government-funded concessionary travel schemes.

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