Actora Platform
A powerful, scalable and resilient smart-ticketing platform, which provides full visibility and control of your smart-ticketing operations.


Actora® is a powerful cloud-based smart-ticketing platform, which provides full visibility and control of your smart-ticketing operations. Delivered ‘as a service’, it offers a user-friendly central console to manage customer accounts, cards, fare settlement and retail payment operations.

Why choose ABT and ITSO solutions hosted on Actora?

Actora is a proven, highly reliable platform that can scale to support the largest and most complex ticketing schemes. Additionally, hosting all the business logic needed to support ABT and ITSO schemes in the cloud means you can roll out your scheme quickly and efficiently, with no need to deploy complex software or rules across ETMs, station gates, onboard validators and other equipment.

Transport ticketing token agnostic capabilities


  • Fast, easy access to the customer and ticketing information you need, with tools to manage your ticketing operations efficiently
  • Easy API-based integration with payment, partner and urban mobility apps – enabling a fast track to MaaS (Mobility as a Service)
  • Support for traditional smart-ticketing schemes and Account-Based Ticketing
  • Seamless integration with your web portal for ticket retailing and access to your customers’ historic journey and payment information
  • Automated fare apportionment and reimbursement for settlement of fares across multiple operators
  • A user-friendly catalogue manager that enables swift updates of ticket products and fares

Actora Technical Data

  • Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • Supported 24×7 by a UK-based service desk team
  • Incremental, zero downtime upgrades enabling seamless delivery of new functionality
  • Fully isolated staging environment used for end-to-end testing before new code is released to production
  • Scalable cloud deployment, which allows the platform to grow and shrink as demand changes with no need for costly hardware upgrades
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) for data access and workflows

Actora makes it quicker and easier for clients to access the information that’s important to them and gives them the tools to manage their ticketing operations efficiently.

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