Month: January 2017

ACT launches mobile ticketing collection app for Transport Scotland

ACT, a Fujitsu company, is working with Transport Scotland to pilot ACT’s mobile ticketing collection app, which will make smart ticketing even more convenient for passengers in Scotland.

The mobile collection app makes collecting transport tickets on a smart card simple and convenient. Although there are many smart ticketing schemes that enable passengers to top up their smart card online, it can take up to 48 hours for the ticket to be processed for use on the transport network. Passengers will soon be able to buy their ticket online, anytime, anywhere, use the NFC enabled mobile collection app to collect their ticket and use it to travel just 15 minutes later.

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Smart ticketing on track for Metrolink

An update on the roll-out of Transport for Greater Manchester’s (TfGM) get me there smart ticketing system is included in a report to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), meeting next week.
It states the next phase for get me there locally will be to make multimodal bus and tram travel with a single smart card possible for the first time.

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