Month: April 2015

Welsh Government

The Welsh Government has a vision for a unified, sustainable transport infrastructure, which joins up the delivery of travel services throughout the country. This is a key part of ‘One Wales’: the government’s commitment to improve quality of life for the people of Wales.

Smart ticketing is a critical part of this transport plan. To deliver it, the government needed a trusted provider able to consolidate disparate regional systems into a single, efficient, nationally-integrated scheme that could provide multiple services through a single card.

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Gloucestershire County Council

Gloucestershire County Council is using ACT Analytics to increase the cost-efficiency of its concessionary public transport scheme, while maintaining the highest quality of services for local people.
With new insight from the system, the Council has stopped automatically renewing concessionary passes that haven’t been used in the last 12 months, delivering potential cost savings of £54,000 over five years. In addition, ACT Analytics is helping to map demand for concessionary travel services locally, informing future investment and planning decisions. The technology also helps the Council reduce fraudulent card use, support the police with missing persons enquiries, and ensure that ‘companion passes’ are meeting the needs of vulnerable people using the public transport network.

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